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If you need your IT security tightening up, we can provide a full review of your entire system, identifying any vulnerabilities that you might have. We’ll then provide honest and effective solutions to these problems

Some of the security solutions we offer to our clients include:


Anti-virus software                      Email security solutions

Secure messaging                    Secure remote access

Content filtering                          Firewall management

Cloud security





Hardware is the backbone of any IT system, and therefore it needs to be both installed and maintained to the highest of levels. This is where we can help, as our expert team knows exactly how to install hardware to produce the greatest benefits to your business, and also knows exactly how to ensure that this hardware works perfectly, well into the future. This is the case when it comes to all different types of hardware, including:


Desktop PC, Monitor,PC Peripherals, Keyboard, Mouse, USB Memory Stick,Components & Storage, Spare Parts, Hard Disk, Memory Upgrades Laptops & Netbooks, Server (Small Business, Enterprise, Rackmount, Tower), Networking, Cables, Switch, Router, Model, Wireless



Buying software and understanding the various software licensing agreements can be a major headache for all businesses - not to mention time consuming.


PIBS can take the pain out of ensuring you have the correct software licenses in place and we can make sure you are kept up to date with the latest versions of the software you use.

Our hardware break-fix support service is one of our most popular. Its very simple to operate and very cost effective.


We fix or replace any IT hardware issues reported on equipment for our Pay as You Go Customers or covered under the agreement. PIBS can support everything from Printers, PCs, servers, storage and networking equipment. You can have any combination of products covered with different levels of service level agreements (SLA's).